Mihails GaluškaMihails Galuška, Commercial director, State Joint-Stock Company “Latvia State Radio and Television Centre” (LVRTC), Latvia.

A couple of years ago we said that the future of business is digital. Today we obviously see – digital is already the present. In Latvia more and more entrepreneurs use digital signature for their business transactions. Today a safe digital signature is not only a tool which helps to accelerate the business, but essential tool for business in a strong competitive environment. The digital signature in Latvia has been developed one step hand in hand with e-commerce. We are able to sign documents digitally using one of the three safe digital signature carriers, and we are going further. Last year further steps have been taken in the direction towards cross border digital signing in the Baltics. The eSignature software allows documents to be signed by multiple parties including partners from the other Baltic countries by using digital signature in their eID cards.

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