Lieve Van den BrandeLieve Van den Brande is a Principal Administrator at the European Commission, Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Inclusion (EMPL). She is responsible for issues related to skills development such as “validation of non-formal and informal learning” and “competency frameworks and assessment tools for transversal skills for employability (e.g. digital competences, entrepreneurship and languages). The past years she has been responsible for ‘ICT for learning’ both from the angle of digital skills as well as from modernisation of education through technologies and OER, both in terms of policies as parts of the Erasmus+ programme. She holds a Ph.D. in educational sciences from the University of Liège (Belgium) and has several degrees in education, psychology and teacher training. She has been working for more than 28 years at the EC: DG Information Society around ‘Telematics for Education and Training’; DG Research around social sciences research, DG Education and Culture on e-Learning and digital competences and since January 2015 DG EMPL around recognition and validation of skills and qualifications. You can reach her through the following e-mail:

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