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Kristaps BangaKristaps Banga

Serial entrepreneur. New business developer. Partnership project and business ideas development and management. Marketing professional, with 16+years experience in marketing, brand activation, sponsorship, loyalty programms, multi media, integrated communications and advertising, open minded creative personality with very strong business thinking.

Mihails GaluškaMihails Galuška, Commercial director, State Joint-Stock Company “Latvia State Radio and Television Centre” (LVRTC), Latvia.

A couple of years ago we said that the future of business is digital. Today we obviously see – digital is already the present. In Latvia more and more entrepreneurs use digital signature for their business transactions. Today a safe digital signature is not only a tool which helps to accelerate the business, but essential tool for business in a strong competitive environment. The digital signature in Latvia has been developed one step hand in hand with e-commerce. We are able to sign documents digitally using one of the three safe digital signature carriers, and we are going further. See more…

Gianpiero LotitoGianpiero Lotito
Founder & CEO, FacilityLive

Since 2010 Gianpiero Lotito is the founder, with Mariuccia Teroni, of FacilityLive, a startup that is launching on the international market a next generation search engine.

FacilityLive owns patents in 43 countries including USA (benchmarking Google as “prior art”), Europe, Japan and Israel. See more…

Kaspars RūklisKaspars Rūklis currently works as Communication Consultant and Lecturer. Previously he worked as communication manager at Estonia–Latvia cross-border programme in Tartu, Estonia, and at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported public library development project “Father’s Third Son”, as well as the U.S. Embassy in Riga. He also likes to share his knowledge and experience as an Advocacy and Communication Trainer for various local and international clients – public organizations in Europe and Africa. Kaspars holds a master’s degree in Communication Science from the University of Latvia. He comes from Turaida, a small village with a medieval castle, and is passionate about running half-marathons. Besides his native Latvian, he also speaks English, Russian and Estonian.

Viesturs SosārsViesturs Sosārs is actively engaged with tech startups in Latvia since 2003. He is serial entrepreneur and business angel, as well as has managed a local VC fund in the past. Viesturs is the co-founder and CEO of Real Sound Lab – a globally known audio technology company. He has also co-founded TechHub Riga, a popular collocation space for Latvian tech startup community. Viesturs frequently mentors at bootcamps and accelerator programs in Baltic Countries and Finland, and since 2012 he is Course Director of Entrepreneurship Specialization course at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Andrejs VasiljevsDr. Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Chairman of the Board, Tilde, Latvia

Andrejs Vasiļjevs is the co-founder and chairman of the board of a leading European language technology company Tilde. He is a board member of the Latvia State Language Commission, European Language Resource Association (ELRA), and LT-Innovate forum. He takes an active role in European R&D collaboration coordinating several large international projects on language technologies and language resource infrastructure. Andrejs has received a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Latvia and has authored more than 50 research papers.

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